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Digital Marketer

Hamza Chhatrisa

What's the point of running a digital marketing agency if it's not setting one's career in a perpetual vector for growth. DAB of India's founding partner & COO Hamza Chhatrisa cannot endorse it enough.

Hamza is an industrious alumnus of Rizvi Institute of Management Studies & Research, an esteemed institution in the Mumbai University circles. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Management Studies and soon curated a unique, impressive mix of industry experience in digital marketing.

These facts about Hamza’s enduring career trajectory may seem too specific. However, his career journey is proof that facts & beliefs together create an unmatched career dynamic, difficult to overthrow come what may. Hamza has always believed in investing his time, energy & capital in the future rather than in the stock market. This, he comments is, “the futuristic way of building brands, businesses, and a better world, at large.”

Before he co-founded DAB of India, which was relatively earlier in his life than most bootstrapped entrepreneurs, he has already tasted incredible success as a digital marketing expert. During his tenure on the other side of the desk in the cabin, he worked with brands like Lodha Group, Rustomjee Life Spaces, Dosti Realty, VIBGYOR Group of Schools, Donna Italia, the list will go on. He says that the experience of working as an employee in marketing agencies paved his way towards an elevated understanding of the nitty-gritties of agency life he can never unlearn. This learning has been of superior significance to his style of creative & performance-based strategy development and even partnership-building. Hamza’s colleagues, co-workers, & teams express admiration towards his approaches in unison, approaches that empower businesses.

Hamza’s journey exemplifies one thing most ostensively, his unstoppable zeal for setting in motion the domino of futuristic marketing solutions for small & big businesses. He has hosted a number of curated workshops and delivered lectures at renowned business schools such as K.L.E Society’s College of Business Administration, Lingaraj College Karnataka, & more.

His enthusiasm is paying forward his knowledge must certainly be most beneficial to those working with him. A part of his role at DAB of India involves nurturing cross-functional teams and creating a thoroughly inspired community that delivers enhanced results, a mark that differentiates the work rolled out by his team at DAB.

Hamza’s life is an interesting mix of his Bombaiya roots cultured into Pune’s growth dynamic